1:1 Support

Ready to make a change & transform your hectic Retail career?

  • Maybe you’re feeling lost at work? You want to step up & take the lead…but it’s all just getting you down?
  • Maybe things aren’t going how you want? You’re used to getting results. But you just can’t seem to get people doing what you need them to do?
  • Maybe you’re feeling bored or demotivated? You need a plan – but you’re not sure what the next step is or how to get there?
  • Maybe it all feels out of control? The pressure & stress of the job is immense. And there’s never hours in the day?
  • Or maybe, you’re wondering if you’re in the right job? Questioning if it’s the right career at all?

So often, we don’t even realise we have deep blocking beliefs & behaviours, holding us back in our career. 

By understanding yourself better, you understand how to work with others better. 

How to lead teams & become a highly emotionally intelligent, respected Retail leader – not just someone with the word ‘manager’ in your title.

i am here to help you get unstuck & transfrom your retail career & life

If ANY of this sounds familiar…I can help you uncover the blocks that are stopping you right now.

You’ll be able to take back control & deal with all the challenges being thrown at you. 

You’ll understand HOW to lead people assertively & grow your personal efficiency.

You’ll be able to fix things – now & in the future – with a toolbox full of the RIGHT knowledge, skills & tools.

So you can get unstuck, feel completely confident and start LOVING your work! 

Do it your way

at a pace that works for you

Your path

In our 1:1 coaching sessions together, we’ll work through the 4-part “NAIL” it framework. 

To get results YOU need.

what is "NAIL"?

When the heavy, negative feelings take over at work, we feel destabilised. We need to grab the control back & regain stability.

Trying to solve things immediately is not going to work!

This first step will help you to calm your spinning mind. Reconnect & take charge of your body, to make facing the situation in front of you so much easier.

This alone will have a MASSIVE impact on how you feel, when the pressure’s on at work.

Try it. That pressure on your chest, when you feel overwhelmed? Just stand up and take a deep breath. Feel the sensation for yourself!

Emotions & feelings are part of life. They are much, much stronger than logic.

When we don’t feel in control of our emotions – in response to something a team member says or does, for example – everything else then feels out of control.

Being able to allow your emotions (rather than trying to push them down) & then processing them is CRITICAL to your success as a leader.

Processing emotions does not mean being self-indulgent, entertaining the negativity or playing the victim.

It’s about taking control, so the same negative emotions and responses don’t keep coming back & getting in your way as a leader.


I cannot stress out how important this step really is!

Our thoughts create our feelings.

Change what you think & you change how you feel.

Your mindset is your superpower. It can be a loyal servant
or a dreadful slave master. 

This is about mastering your mind, so it serves YOU.
Switching off the autopilot & taking charge of your thoughts.


For so many clients I work with, this part of the process is

You’ll love this part because finally, you’ll remove ANYTHING blocking your growth & ability to progress in your career.


You finally feel completely in charge and in control!

Now, you’re in control of your body, your emotions and your mind.

So this final step is about fixing the real-life challenges you’re facing!

As we line up your structured, step-by-step action plan.

This is practical stuff. The exact tools, skills & knowledge you need, to make the changes & get the results you NEED at work.

You’ll have a toolbox to keep going back to, no matter what the job throws at you in future.


So you can walk through that door every morning, with a smile on your face, and get to where you really want to be! 

Here is what you’ll get, during our 1:1 Coaching together:

  • It’s 100% tailored to YOU – pick & mix, depending on exactly what you need
  • 10 x 60min sessions over 10 weeks (on Zoom or face-to-face in Brussels)
  • My full support in between our sessions, to keep you on track (via email or Whatsapp)
  • We can work together in English, French or Czech

The next step is simply to book a call in my diary now. 

We’ll talk more about your specific challenges & exactly how I can help. And then if you’re ready, we’ll get your first 1:1 coaching session booked in! 

Am I the right person to help?

Well…after 20 years’ experience in Retail in multinational corporates (like Nike, Levi’s & Adidas) – I KNOW the reality of working in a role like yours. The pressure, stress & all the challenges you’re facing.

And I know what it’s like to fall out of love with your work; to question everything & wonder if it’s really worth all the stress!

The worst part – as a leader – is having no-one to talk to, openly & honestly, about how you are feeling.

I’m really good at connecting the dots for you. Helping you see what’s really going on. When you understand that, you get your ‘aha’ moment – and then it’s full on! There’s no stopping you.

The bottom line is that we all spend way too much time at work, to not be happy there.

So if you’re NOT happy in your Retail career right now…I’d love to help fix that for you!

not sure if you are ready for full on 1:1 coaching...?

but feel you want to start moving?

Start with booking just the I’M POSSIBLE POWER HOUR with me. 

It’s a chance for you to be completely honest, completely confidentially & without judgement.

You’ll come away with some immediate fixes – and feeling much clearer about the bigger picture for your and the things to focus on longer-term.

here is how it works:

  1. Click the button below to book & choose the best time for your session
  2. We’ll meet on Zoom for a full 60-minutes, to start fixing your biggest challenges
  3. AND you’ll get the full recording by email afterwards (so no worries about taking notes – you can just concentrate on you!).