My story

I was born in Czech Republic in a beautiful town called Olomouc. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I was always “explaining” topics to imaginary students when revising lessons at home. Later I wanted to study social services. My parents did not approve. I always thought they wanted to have a female Einstein at home; which did not happen of course. I was a good girl though; I obeyed my parents. I studied, learnt English and started my wished-for career at an international company in Czech Republic. Then I left for an adventure abroad.

The beginning was not easy, I struggled a lot, I was unhappy and home sick. I cried nearly every day. However, I managed, got through the difficult times and continued my career. Unfortunately, my first marriage did not survive this car crash.

I was working and working, moving up the corporate ladder. Managing, executing, accelerating, achieving, moving countries, going deeper into corporate life. I truly believe I was excellent in my job.

However, with many targets reached I started to realize what I enjoyed the most on my job, what gave me pleasure and satisfaction. It was not achieving the business plan and yearly results; it was the people. The people in my teams, people I worked with, people I encountered during my travels. I have coached and managed lots of different men and women. And I love working with people, different nationalities; see how they react, observing body language. It amazes me. It teaches me. It develops me.

What do I do when I am not working? I run, do yoga and hike with my husband. We love our active holidays. I read. I love my books. And I definitely enjoy my glass of wine:-).