SWAT: Sell what’s available today. We used to say when working with factory outlets. SWAT: See what’s available there. I say in personal development. Look at the mirror and see what’s available there. We always look outside. Search for more knowledge. Compare with others. Sailing on FOMO. While the real gems are inside. They are […]

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Your medal is inside. We all have it. We just forget it sometimes. And then we seek it at others. We seek the appreciation, the “well dones”, the “you’ve done a great job”.   While we have the medal already.  It ONLY is hidden. Under the pile of all other things. It just need dusting.

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Hanging umbrellas outside decoration

Do you like to play? Check out this fun & playful Time line exercise. It is about traveling back in time. It is about connecting to your feelings, joy and satisfaction. Or not actually. It is about connecting the dots on 2 simple axes. . And there you have it. In front of you. In front

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Sometimes we make impulse decisions we might wish we did not do later on. That is ok as it is still learning. And sometimes we do the “inner strength driven” decisions. Coming from our stability and power. We know which these are. We intuitively feel them. They might scare us. They might bring doubts. Yet,

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We were visiting friends this weekend and we talked about what we want in our lives and discipline. I believe those two go well together. 🤓   Being clear about what we want, what are our desires and dreams make it easier to lay down steps to follow, so that we get where we want.

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Don’t take anything personally.   We are not responsible for the acts or comments of others. We are only responsible for our own acts & comments.  If someone says something, what may hurt us – it is not what was said, that hurts. We have the wounds inside of us. And they were touched and that’s where the pain is

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Men with glass of wine happy bday

The birthday day of my beloved husband. Happy birthday my love. I love you to the moon and back:-). In this letter I would like to tell you more and why. During my life, I was lost, I did not know what I want and what to expect from myself. However, I was very lucky.

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Nedávno jsem měla zajímavou příhodu. Šla jsem do své oblíbené kavárny po hodině jogy. Je to kavárna, kde zaplatíte u baru a odnesete si přímo svou objednávku ke stolečku. Jak si tak nesu svou kávu, zahlédnu v rohu starší ženu, která mi někoho hodně připomíná. Sedí v kruhu dalších žen, kamarádek řekla bych. Pohlédnu jí do očí,

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Wiki says a ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects… I see them as something I look forward to. Something what makes my day or week different from the usual. It evokes a nice and warm feeling in my mind and heart and conjure up a dream smile on my face. A little everyday

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Windy rainy run on the beach

I was in Holland recently and I went for run on the beach. We stayed next to the beach. And I couldn’t miss the opportunity to run by the sea. I love it. No matter what the weather is, I am going.💪 It was very windy. Actually mental windy. One of that recent storm accompanied

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