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Last week happened to be ‘Earth day’. April 22nd. It was first commemorated in 1970, already. Talking about Earth day brings the word sustainability to my mind. With what is going on nowadays we probably have a happier planet Earth … Sustainability is about coexisting, the planet and human civilization. It is also about supplying for present needs […]

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Run in the forest wearing black hat

I know you might have enough pictures of me, when I’m running. But it is Sunday, so we went for a run… I go for a run not only because I like it but also because it moves energy in my body. It refreshes me. The old stuck energy goes out and the new fresh

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Are we expected to prioritize others while we are just an option for them? I don’t think so. ♦️ Are we doing it? Yes we are. ♦️ We have the behavior programs installed inside of us. Our brain is a big computer. ♦️ Many of these programs we then use unconsciously. I have to be

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Diversity at work: A slight bit about International Women’s day (IWD) & a slightly bigger bit about Diversity at work. 🙂 I like IWD and that is the fact. If I get a flower I am happy and pleased. If I get chocolate even better😉. 🤩 In my eyes, Women’s day linked nicely to diversity.

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Emotions good servant

Use your emotions as a good servant☺️ to yourself rather than petrifying monster.😮 Emotions are stronger than logic. They can put you down without you realizing it. Or they can serve you! My emails are piling up I go to lots of meetings I don’t understand everything being discussed at the meetings My To do list

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Are you piloting your flight? ✈️ Have you ever thought for yourself: “I wish I have more time”, while scrolling through social media and happily procrastinating? 🙃 Good news. You are not alone. 😉 And if people say they do not do that, I have struggle to believe that, to be honest. As I think

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I am passionate about L&D. . ❓But why is that, you might ask. Why is she telling us all the time to learn and to develop and embrace change and do things??? It’s a good one. I was not always like that… . 🌟Although I have to admit I liked school. I liked to go

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SPECIAL ONE FOR: Retail store managers – originally during lockdown but still available :-). Are you bored of the lockdown? Done all possible courses & E-learning? What about your store performance data dump? Are they in order? Or not working from you? Is it a dump of numbers without neither a shape nor presenting capability?

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Be yourself silly Snapshot

Don’t compare to others. Be yourself.🤩There was a time in my life when I would not dare to post picture like this of myself. I would be scared and horrified about what the others would say. I would just compare myself to nearly everyone out there. To theirs looks or what they say.😏But why? Well

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