Corporate coaching and training

During my years in corporations, I learnt a lot. I have met many interesting people and had amazing mentors. I learnt about myself and figured out what I like. I went from “Impossible is nothing” to “Just do it” and to “Living in jeans”. I left my corporate role to share with others, staying myself, most of the time wearing my beloved sneakers and jeans:-).

Individual mentoring

  • Have you changed your role and finding it difficult to grasp?
  • Is your organization going through a restructuring which you find destabilizing?
  • Have you become a manager and having difficulties with people management?
  • Do you need a mentor in your personal development to maximize your potential?
  • Do you have low self-confidence and lack assertiveness?
  • Are you struggling with managing your stress?

Team training

  • Does your team need an authentic soft skills training delivered with energy and fun; with a contribution from all rather than a one-trainer show?
  • Does your team require re-energizing to increase engagement?
  • Have you changed team and would like to pursue team building?
  • Does your team lack motivation?

Do any of the situations resonate with you? Get in touch with me to see if we can find a common ground for a cooperation.