Retail leadership Training

Retail Team Training & Individual Mentoring for Corporates

  • Do your team lack motivation? You want to re-energise people & get them re-engaged with their work, to increase productivity?
  • Maybe you’ve grown or changed your team? And you need to bring them together, to start thinking & working like a REAL team, to hit your targets & objectives?
  • Maybe your organisation is restructuring? And your team need support, to handle the changes & regain a sense of stability?
  • Maybe you have new managers? And individual mentoring is needed – to increase people management abilities, assertiveness & help manage stress?
  • You want high-impact, Retail or authentic soft skills training? Delivered with energy and fun…with a contribution from everyone, rather than a one-trainer show?

With 20 years’ rich Retail experience in multinational corporations – like Nike, Levi’s & Adidas – and being a certified coach, I’m here to help your teams become exceptional.

And to help you increase employee retention + minimise staff turnover, by:

  • Mentoring your team to better understanding themselves – and therefore better understand how to work with others, for more harmonious & productive working relationships.

  • Working with Retail Learning and Development teams (L&D) – to understand WHY people are leaving & then working on engagement, to keep your people with you for longer. 

Woman standing against wall smiling

I believe we learn best when we have fun (especially in that hectic retail environment!).

So my distinctive training & mentoring style helps your people to develop the critical skills they need, in a fun and creative way.


That gets EVERYONE engaged & involved, rather than traditional, classroom-style lecturing (and the resistance to learning this can bring).

Retail Team Training & Individual Mentoring Packages are 100% bespoke, to meet your specific objectives.

Just get in touch now, to talk more about working together!