Diversity at work

Diversity at work:

A slight bit about International Women’s day (IWD) & a slightly bigger bit about Diversity at work.
I like IWD and that is the fact. If I get a flower I am happy and pleased. If I get chocolate even better😉.
In my eyes, Women’s day linked nicely to diversity.
Diversity at work for me means: Being responsible for my acts & understanding consequences.

Diversity at work for me means: Understanding the cultural differences.
I lived in several countries, worked in different international corporations. The cultural differences amazes me & sometimes surprises me too🤣.
Diversity of our mother tongue: I try to translate here what we say Czech: As many languages you speak that many times you are a person. Language is also a culture, not only words.
Diversity for me is to allow myself to show emotions, both women and men. It is not about wearing mask but about being myself. Wearing a mask means wearing myself out.

Showing emotions can be as easy as saying: “I don’t feel well. I am sorry. I am not up to this discussion at this particular moment”.
Diversity is putting down my own boundaries.

Diversity is about respect. Respect to other and respect to myself.

👉 Diversity at work for me means:
✅ Knowing myself.
✅ Being responsible for my acts.
✅ Understanding & dealing with consequences.

Diversity is power.🥳

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