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Do you like to play?

Do you like to play?😂😂

I talked about a fun playful exercise this Wednesday.

👉Check this video of mine.

It was a Time line exercise: https://www.facebook.com/petracrampton/videos/606001186901831/

👉🔸It was about traveling back in time. It was about connecting to your feelings, joy and satisfaction. Or not actually.

👉🔸It was about connecting the dots on 2 simple axes.

✅ And there you have it. In front of you. In front of your eyes.

✅ It is not only in your head anymore. It is on the paper, black on white.

🆙 Taking a time to reflect back is a gift you give to yourself. You can build and create your future on it. You can craft your career.

Answering the easy questions:

❓What did I do? What were the tasks I enjoyed?

❓How did I work? How did I achieve my goals? How did I operate on daily basis?

❓Who did I work with? Who inspired me? Who was my mentor?

❓Why all the above were satisfactory or not? Why did I feel good & happy or not?


Up to you. Do you like to play this game?😉


Have fun & Stay yourself. 🤩🥳😉

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