Emotions good servant

Emotions: Good servant or petrifying monster?

Use your emotions as a good servant☺️ to yourself rather than petrifying monster.😮

Emotions are stronger than logic. They can put you down without you realizing it. Or they can serve you!

My emails are piling up
I go to lots of meetings
I don’t understand everything being discussed at the meetings
My To do list is never ending

👉🔸And / Or even further:

I have a stomach pain when arriving to the office
Sunday evening is full of that itchy feeling: I have to go there tomorrow morning again
Will I have to face that colleague, which humiliates me everytime we speak?

👉🔸All this will eventually become stress.

Sudden flush of adrenalin
Tension in our body

It paralyzes us. It petrifies us.

Stress is based on fear. And fear is a very strong emotion, but it does not need to petrify us.

✅ It can serves us.
✅ It sends us gifts:

Gift of intuition
Gift of awareness
Gift of attention
Gift of concentration

Use those gifts.😀

Be aware, use your intuition, pay attention and dynamically concentrate on the stressful situation you are in.

✅ Take a deep breath. Stand up. Move. Motion creates energy.

Face it.

Don’t let it paralyze you.

Grasp it.

Conquer it.

Have fun & stay yourself.🤩🥳😁

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