Individual coaching

During our individual sessions, I show you how to grab the opportunities around you and maximize your happy life potential rather than living in despair.
The adapting process can be challenging and having an experienced mentor at your side makes it easier :-).

Do any of the situations below resonate with you?

  • Are you in your role for some time already?
  • Is everyday motivation a struggle?
  • Are you asking yourself what is the purpose of my work?
  • Have you’ve had enough of others being promoted and feel you are missing out?
  • Do you actually want to enjoy the time you are spending in the office, which is at minimum one third of a day?
  • Do you struggle to set boundaries with other people and feel pushed around, lacking control over where you end up?
  • Is work-life balance a challenge for you?
  • Do you find the world around you to be hectic? Are you having trouble slowing down and finding your feet?
  • Have you moved country and are struggling to adapt?
  • Do you want to take your career onto your hands and craft it to what you like and enjoy?

Arrange for a discovery call with me to see if we can cross that bridge together.

Extra fun

  • Let’s talk, listen and create together while walking:-)
  • Let’s talk, listen and create together while running:-)

Ladies talk

I like sharing with other women because it enriches me. I learn and grow myself. If we are a trailing spouse, we can find ourselves lost, alone and destabilized. I am organizing “ladies talks” to prevent that feeling of loneliness, spend time in nice company, have a drink and relieve ourselves of what is weighing us down. In addition, we always learn something:-). For more information contact me.

Empowering women is also my passion.  I am a member of the Global women’s club where I speak and share with others. Have a look at one of the video below.