My Story

Hi I am Petra… I help Retailers to drive their commercial operations & establish the Omnichannel mindset while maximizing everyone’s potential. 

I love managing people, bringing teams together & over-achieving on our objectives in professional as well as personal life. 

My passion is working with the people on the ground. Because that’s where I felt the real solutions to the challenges lay. 

I loved being able to develop people in the Retail stores. So they could deliver better results and faster – but with FUN and enjoyment, not despair & pressure.

I took time to re-focus on what actually made me happy, got my coaching certification & started my business!


My passion is help others become better themselves. I always built successful teams of high-fliers behind me & I KNOW my talent is enabling others to learn and grow. 

I’m here to help you scope your Retail business at directions where necessary & maximize potentials of your biggest asset – your people. 

Help them to find purpose at work, move into joy mode & smile coming into the office or store every day. 

I believe in working together openly & honestly. Nothing is out of bounds.

And I love being there for the journey with you.

So if that sounds good…here’s how we can work together!

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Be Yourself & Happy About It.