My Story

Hi! I’m Petra. I help ambitious Retail leaders in corporate roles, to maximise your potential AND happiness at work.

If you’re reading this…I’m guessing you’re NOT completely loving your job right now?

For many years, I was the typical over-achieving high-flier in multinational corporations (like Nike, Levi’s & Adidas). 

I loved managing people, bringing my team together & over-achieving on our objectives & financial targets, year after year. I even won a big award, ‘The Star of Tomorrow’.

But as my career progressed, I wasn’t a big fan of the politic.  And I knew my role was likely to move more & more in that direction. 

My passion was working with the people on the ground. Because that’s where I felt the real solutions to the challenges lay. 

I loved being able to develop people in the Retail stores. So they could deliver better results and faster – but with FUN and enjoyment, not despair & pressure.

So I decided to re-focus on what actually made me happy.

I left, got my coaching certification & started my business!

My passion is help others become better themselves. I always built successful teams of high-fliers behind me & I KNOW my talent is enabling others to learn and grow. 

I’m here to help you transform your career. To re-discover your purpose at work, move into joy mode & smile coming into the office or store every day. 

I believe in working together openly & honestly. Nothing is out of bounds.

It’s completely transformational. Once you connect all the dots & remove everything blocking your path, it’s full on! There’s NOTHING stopping you anymore.

And I love being there for the ride with you.

So if that sounds good…here’s how we can work together!