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Relax vs Wall

Are we expected to prioritize others while we are just an option for them?
I don’t think so.
Are we doing it?
Yes we are.
We have the behavior programs installed inside of us. Our brain is a big computer.
Many of these programs we then use unconsciously.

I have to be the best.
I am perfectionist.
I cannot just say no.
I cannot be a rebel.
I have to obey the authority.
These behaviours are blocking us from saying no. They are blocking us from putting down our boundaries. They are blocking us from being who we really are. They are blocking us from being ourselves.
Our mind is making comments. Poking us. Grumbling.

And yet, we do not allow ourselves to relax. Our priority shifts. From ourselves to others.
But we are allowed to relax. We are allowed to say NO. It is our right.

We have that choice.
We have the choice to listen to ourselves.

And to apply 2 important skills:
1. Awareness – paying attention to our life
2. Choice of our thoughts – acknowledge the noise and decide what WE like.

I did a LIVE video about this. 👉♦️Check it out for more & to hear my story. I like stories.

Have fun & stay yourself.🤩🥳😁

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