What they say

Dear Petra, I would like to thank you for all the constructive things you taught me in these past years. I do not refer only to sharing your precious knowledge, but also to coaching on soft kills and emotions. You may not realize it all the time but you bring such a positivity and enthusiasm in everyday life that people feel just good when you are around. Thanks to you, I realized how essential it is for any of us to feel comfortable with ourselves, wake up with a smile in the morning and share inside-feelings, even though not always politically correct. You have been a great support for me during many difficult moments and this is something I’ll never forget. You’re the greatest coach I ever had and I will always bring with me all the lessons and suggestions you had the pleasure to share.

Ludovica, Merchant Buyer

I have had multiple sessions with Petra, which were very helpful. They were trustworthy and I could open myself up without feeling judged. I have taken several highlights and tips from our conversations, professionally as well as personally. Petra helped identify what I want from my work and gave me tips on how to develop myself. She encouraged my confidence to go after my goals and help me understand that I can offer more than people might think. I started believing in myself and my capabilities.  I also realized that I could out my feelings too, not just be the bearer for others. I would definitely recommend Petra if you want work on your career development and become a better version of yourself. Thank you Petra.

Anthony, OTC Specialist

Petra has always been a very driven manager, able to move mountains to achieve extraordinary results. She does this with a very energetic yet friendly approach, which makes her a highly appreciated team member and partner within the organization. She also impresses by balancing this intense work ethic with ambitious personal goals!

Marc, Senior Director Retail

At the time I doubted myself the most I contacted coach Petra. I wanted to know, why things were happening to me and why my life was not turning as I imagined it. I had to get all skeletons out of the wardrobe, let down lots of tears and outlet all my emotions. Petra helped me to found balance and stability in my life, found my inner peace and helped me to understand, that I am a good person. That I had people in my life, which did not appraise me for who I am. I understood that those people were in my life for a reason. They were there to teach me to respect and value myself to grow and become stronger person. I know my value today and can put up limits towards others not to be pushed down and get offended. I understood that I am on my correct path. She also taught me to let things go, that I cannot change everything or everyone. That every end is a new beginning. Thank you for everything you have done for me Petra, for your empathy to guide me to lift myself from the bottom. Thanks to you, I love myself and I am grateful for every new day❤. If there is anyone out there who doubt her/himself, Petra is the best person you can encountered on your path.

Barbora, Photographer

Petra’s energy & charisma is infectious and is clearly evident during any small or large presentations & workshops. In my years of experience of working with Petra I have seen her deliver some key, important messages to our stores teams that is packed with fun yet intertwined are the messages we needed to be seeded, as well as delivering some short, factual & insightful messages to European leadership that always resonates! A key to her success is I feel her deep rooted knowledge in retail which allows her to talk with confidence about the issues the teams face, which automatically gets the buy-in from the audience as although they may be meeting her for the 1st time.. really creates a trust bond. Her icebreakers with teams during meetings & workshops are legendary & always memorable as is her professionalism in the build-up & preparation of an event regardless of how small or big the audience is. Would I wish to use her services to help me & my team in the future? It’s a very easy YES!…  

Graham, Training & Store director Retail

Petra took every opportunity to develop herself and her team, not only professionally but also on a personal level, over a short time this meant she developed a highly effective and driven team that delivered real results. I would highly recommend Petra to anyone wishing to develop themselves professionally and personally.

Jeremy, VP Retail