Change is your friend.

“If we never change the way how we do things nothing will ever change.”

“Change is a brilliant opportunity to grow.”

“Choose a job that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Learn Grow Share

Hello, I am Petra. I help ambitious professionals to craft their career in order to find a joy and purpose in it for them. As well as correct evaluation.

Over the past years, I have fostered my change and followed my dream to work with people, as this is what I love. I have a genuine interest in people. I like to share with others what I have learnt to help them grow and developed. I like to bring emotional intelligence into an action.

Learning & Development does not need to be boring. It should not be boring! It should be creative and enjoyable, where we forget the time passing. It should be fun! And it is with me:-). I am direct and I like fun:-).

I come from retail and retail is about detail. It is also about selling, however mainly about people. I mix all that together, add my coaching skills and create a unique, tailor-made approach for individuals or groups.

I lived in different countries and moved around a lot. I left my family behind and learnt French in 3 months. I am proud at myself for this. I never stopped developing because I consider personal grow as my life journey. Read more in my story here.

I value honesty & openness, which is what you get when pursuing your journey with me.  

I have knowledge to help you grow and maximize your potential. I am a good listener. If you want to work on yourself, I will be on your side.