Ready to find joy in your Retail career?

Hi! I’m Petra. I help ambitious Retail leaders in corporate roles, to maximise your potential AND happiness at work!

To feel completely in control, every day. To find joy & purpose in your Retail role AND keep the work-life balance.  

I want work to feel fun & easy for you!

Sitting woman smiling supporting head with hand

So often, we don’t even realise we have deep blocking beliefs & behaviours, holding us back in our career.

By understanding yourself better, you understand how to work with others better. 

How to lead teams & become a highly emotionally intelligent, respected Retail leader – not just someone with the word ‘manager’ in your title.

I’m here to help you get unstuck & transform your hectic Retail career (and your life!).

  • Maybe you’re working in a managerial role, for the first time. 

You want to step up – to be a true leader. Respected and visible, achieving outstanding results.

But right now, things aren’t getting done how you want.

You’re struggling to manage the different personalities & it’s starting to hit your confidence…

  • Maybe you’re just not happy at work.

There’s never enough hours in the day. The pressure & stress is immense and you’re starting to wonder if you want to do this anymore.

It’s getting you down. You’re really not loving your job & it’s definitely not much fun…

  • Maybe you’ve been super successful in your career so far.

But you’re feeling unsupported in your current role. It’s completely overwhelming & you feel like things are falling apart…


You can take control, get huge results and love your time at work too!