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No matter how outstanding you’ve been in your career so far…NONE of us are born knowing how to do everything!

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As ambitious Retail leaders, we HAVE to keep developing our skills & doing the inner work.

I know you’re good at getting things done. You want to do a great job.

But clients in Retail leadership roles come to me, because it all just feels too much.

They don’t feel supported. They don’t feel respected.

They’re under huge pressure & the stress of it all makes them start to question everything.

Like the Retail Store Manager, who was amazing at sales & promoted from the shop floor.

But as Store Manager? It’s not about her selling any more. It’s about managing the team, so THEY sell.

And it’s making her feel she’s no good at her job!


Or the Retail District manager, who was great at managing the store to its excellence & achieving results. 

But as District Manager? The exposure towards higher leadership is overwhelming, even intimidating. 

It’s making her feel not good enough! And she compares to others. 

I can help you to:

  • Lead others assertively – by developing your personal efficiency
  • Feel in control of ANY situation – by understanding how your mind works
  • Deal with challenging issues – feel the emotions, process them & let them go
  • Fix problems, now & in the future – with a toolbox full of the RIGHT knowledge, skills & tools
  • Find joy & purpose in your work – make faster progress in your career, while still having work / life balance…

And get your confidence back. When you understand how you work…you can achieve ANYTHING you want!

You won’t be afraid of change.
You’ll become a powerful, effective leader…calm & in control, finding joy & fun in your work! 
You’ll understand how to control your mindset & deal with any challenge.

I work with ambitious professionals who are:

  • In  Retail leadership role 
  • High achievers & used to getting things done
  • But feeling there’s never enough hours in the day at work
  • Feeling stressed, frustrated & under pressure
  • Struggling to lead their team, in the way they want
  • Questioning whether this is the right job (or even the right career)
  • Ready to change everything…and transform their hectic retail career!

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