Your double D

We were visiting friends this weekend and we talked about what we want in our lives and discipline. I believe those two go well together.

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Woman lying in the grass

Wishes & dreams in Czech

Nedávno jsem měla zajímavou příhodu. Šla jsem do své oblíbené kavárny po hodině jogy. Je to kavárna, kde zaplatíte u baru a odnesete si přímo

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Sustainability in career banner

Sustainability in career

Last week happened to be ‘Earth day’. April 22nd. It was first commemorated in 1970, already. Talking about Earth day brings the word sustainability to my mind.

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Relax vs The wall banner

Relax vs Wall

Are we expected to prioritize others while we are just an option for them? I don’t think so. ♦️ Are we doing it? Yes we

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Diversity at work

Diversity at work: A slight bit about International Women’s day (IWD) & a slightly bigger bit about Diversity at work. 🙂 I like IWD and

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Hanging umbrellas outside decoration

Do you like to play?

Do you like to play?😂😂 I talked about a fun playful exercise this Wednesday. 👉Check this video of mine. It was a Time line exercise:

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SM Excel specials banner

I love Excel

SPECIAL ONE FOR: Retail store managers – originally during lockdown but still available :-). Are you bored of the lockdown? Done all possible courses &

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Be yourself silly Snapshot

Be yourself!

Don’t compare to others. Be yourself.🤩There was a time in my life when I would not dare to post picture like this of myself. I

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