Windy rainy run on the beach

Against or with the wind?

I was in Holland recently and I went for run on the beach. We stayed next to the beach. And I couldn’t miss the opportunity to run by the sea. I love it. No matter what the weather is, I am going.💪

It was very windy. Actually mental windy. One of that recent storm accompanied me on my run. Do not follow the names anymore.🌬There were moments where I barely run. I had to push against that strong wind and sometimes it looked like running in the slow-move film.

The power of the nature amazes me. That power we, humans, can never fight and win. I think. The nature is so much stronger than we are. We cannot change it. We have to just go with the flow.

While pushing against that wind, my mind was on a spin, as always when running, producing thoughts.😆

One was about any kind of beginning, when we decide to do something new. It is not comfortable. When doing something we don’t have knowledge or skills in.🤔

It’s hard. And we have to push, fall and get up. And then the circle starts again. Like when we were learning to walk. We tried, felt, got up and started again. It’s overwhelming and it can be lonely. Our brain sends in the stupid question: “Why are you doing this?” Our inner critic is whispering: “You are not good at this. You are not going to make. Give up.”

Same as me running, pushing against that wind. I ate some sand. Got a salty shower on my face. But it was damn nice. The victory feeling. The feeling of conquering it. I got to the end of the path, opposing the wind. I could have just stayed in the bed, right.🙃

And then I turned around. I changed direction and ran back. I had the wind in my back. It was pushing me this time. I basically didn’t have to do anything, just follow my steps, placing one feet after the other. The wind was doing the job for me. I felt like I could run one of those ultra-marathons.😂

There, the other thought came to my mind.

Sometimes we push so hard. We push and push and push. But what if the force is just too much? What if we hit the wall? Is it really necessary?🤔

I really don’t think so. We can be reasonable. We can mindfully think and judge the situation.

We have the choice to change the direction. We can chose ourselves to turn around. We have it on our hands.😎

Are we doing things because we should?

Are we doing things because the society says so?

Only we can say YES I can do it. Or NO I cannot do it.

On my run, I knew I can do it and I enjoyed that victory of mine.😊

But it is OK to say NO I cannot do it.

Let’s decide for ourselves. Based on ourselves only.

Allow ourselves.

Have fun & Stay yourself.🤩🥳😁

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