Business data translator

Retail Business Data Translation when building AI-powered Organization

Having 20 years’ rich Retail experience in merchandise planning, allocation & commercial operations I understand the business needs & I am data savvy enough to be able to tech talk & simplify on the other side.

I help you to bridge the gap between business specialists and analytics specialists.

Automation means efficiency to me. 

I can help you to:

  • Develop & deliver merchandising tools  – to optimize merchandise planning process  decreasing possibility of error & gain the commercial details time for the merchandising & planning teams
  • Automate allocation process  – to increase products productivity by allocating merchandise based on customer preferences
  • Test & deliver new reporting tools – transformation to global way of analysing the key performance indicators & drive necessary actions

automated on the data side is magnifying on the business side.

Just get in touch now, to talk more about working together!