Your medal is inside

Your medal is inside. We all have it. We just forget it sometimes.

And then we seek it at others. We seek the appreciation, the “well dones”, the “you’ve done a great job”.


While we have the medal already.  It ONLY is hidden. Under the pile of all other things. It just need dusting.


At the picture, it is me kissing my medal from my first marathon. The women next to me is my mum. My team of cheerleaders was present that day, along the race route. It was amazing to have them there for me.


However, it was not them running the race. It was not them training the hours and ran the kilometres before the race day.


It was me. My will. Me wanting to run the race. To train. To become stronger. To become better version of myself. Because once you run a marathon, I guarantee that you are the better version of yourself. You have many kilometres in your legs & much more overall. 🙂


We all have that will inside of us. For some it is more visible therefore feasible than for the others. BUT it is there.


I hated running when I was a kid. It was a torture for me to run at school. Later in my life, I found my way to it because I wanted it.


This is the same when finding your medal. Rewarding yourself without chasing others to reward you. Commemorate your success that you have already achieved, without comparing to others.


It is a beautiful transformation journey. There could be bumps on the road. And for those you use your cheerleaders. They support you when necessary.

I will be your cheerleader and provide the supporting hand. And you will be the racer.


How about that?


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