Don’t take anything personally

Don’t take anything personally. 

  •  We are not responsible for the acts or comments of others. We are only responsible for our own acts & comments.
  •  If someone says something, what may hurt us – it is not what was said, that hurts. We have the wounds inside of us. And they were touched and that’s where the pain is coming from.
  •  It is our mind and we are hurting ourselves.
  •  Whatever people say or do it comes from their perspectives, their programs, their way of living, their values.
  •  It does not mean we are not likable, incompetent or bad person.
  •  If we let the poison of others enter our body, it becomes our poison. We start playing their game, entertaining their poison in our mind, in our wounds.
  •  People lie to us because they do not want us to see that they are not perfect.
  •  Not taking things personally means FREEDOM for us.
  •  If we really understand this, reckless comments or acts of others won’t hurt us


See the full video where:

  •  We went into the depth of 2 real examples with tips how to cope in those situations
  •  We answered the question asked about difference in being highly sensitive & taking things personally



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