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Happy birthday my love

The birthday day of my beloved husband. Happy birthday my love. I love you to the moon and back:-). In this letter I would like to tell you more and why.

During my life, I was lost, I did not know what I want and what to expect from myself. However, I was very lucky. I had the courage to take the challenge and hop on the train heading to “Learn and Grow” station.

I am very grateful about this. In the course of my journey, I have met you. You already know how I felt about you when we have met for the first time. In the point there, in the past, something changed. I wanted to have you in my live. My old friends Learn and Grow wanted a new friend called Share.

You are the man I can look up to and not only literally, as you are so tall:-). I like you being tall by the way. I respect you and I can learn from you. Moreover, I know that your supporting and helping hand is always there for me. I can go “crazy” and you will bear it or rather me I should say.

When I say: “go crazy”, it goes like this in my imagination: A small girl decided to do something, does not want to hear anything else and does not want to let go. She can run blindly against the wall and hit it. The girl is me and you are my wall.

But not the one where it hurts when I hit it. It is the wall, which at the correct time spread the arms to catch me and protects me. I land hard but safe. There is no collateral damage, just one more “aha” moment, when I realize and learn something.

You are thin but strong. And I like to play with your belly:-). As I already said several times before, you are my tree and I am the alternating weather. After a storm, sun comes out. I love my tree.

We all need such a tree in our lives. It is not necessarily a partner; it could be a very good friend or colleague.

We are all different. We all get off the track sometimes that is all right. As long as we realize it, accept it and again gain from it. That is the best evolution we as humans can wish for I believe.

Thank you my Stepanku. I truly consider us as a great match, beloved allies and the best partners in crime.

My days with you are full of happiness and I enjoy every inch of them.

Happy birthday my dearest husband.

I love you. Your loving wife Petra.

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