Run in the forest wearing black hat

Motion create energy – Energy spin the thoughts

I know you might have enough pictures of me, when I’m running. But it is Sunday, so we went for a run…

I go for a run not only because I like it but also because it moves energy in my body. It refreshes me. The old stuck energy goes out and the new fresh one comes in.


I am not going to lie here. The corona virus situation is freaking me out. I am in Belgium. My family is in Czech Republic. Czech Rep has shut down the borders and the government is thinking about putting the whole country into the quarantine.

And other countries will follow, no doubt.


However stressing out and worrying all the time, having the catastrophic scenarios will not help to anyone.


Our thoughts are creating the emotions.

Bad thoughts mean bad emotions.

Bad emotions can consume us. They can drown us.

And I have decided NOT to absorb the bad vibes.


I go outside for my run (as long as I still can). I need that energy flow change within my body.


I want to be strong. I want my body to by strong and be prepared. I believe that the virus, somehow, will pass through all of us. Sooner or later. Strongly or less strong.


I can only sit at home and listen to the news, read about it everywhere I go.

But I do not want the “news” take over my life. I do not want the fear to take over my life.


I want to be strong. I want to be prepared. Physically and emotionally.

Happy Sunday 😊.

PS: Yes there are people in the forest where we run. I you go early enough, there are no crowds.

The are less people in general. So I honestly think going outside, if we can, walk or run, is doing us good.


Motion create energy. Energy spin the thoughts.

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