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SPECIAL ONE FOR: Retail store managers – originally during lockdown but still available :-).

Are you bored of the lockdown? Done all possible courses & E-learning?

What about your store performance data dump? Are they in order? Or not working from you?

Is it a dump of numbers without neither a shape nor presenting capability?
I love Excel. Who knows me knows😂. Plus my years in planning speaks for itself.

So I wanna help! 🥳💪👍

We can make it work for you & in your way so that you understand it.

By using your data dump we can:
• Format it so that it looks nice & presentable
• Filter it so that it is easy to read
• Pivot it so that it can be compared
• Bring in the structure to follow with each new data dump & following your store/company needs

Easy basic Excel tips & WOW to serve YOU & not the other way round.

Excel is there to make US excel not despair. I want to help you to excel in it.

This is me serving you in lockdown.

Low ticket. 47EUR/hour. Zoom session. Screen sharing. Shared screen controlling. Hands on approach.

Let me know if interested.

Have fun & Stay yourself.🤩🥳😆

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