Be yourself silly Snapshot

Be yourself!

Don’t compare to others. Be yourself.
There was a time in my life when I would not dare to post picture like this of myself.

I would be scared and horrified about what the others would say. I would just compare myself to nearly everyone out there. To theirs looks or what they say.
But why?

Well I know why. I grew up in Czech Republic; my childhood was very much effected by the communist regime. And people were scared of sticking out. We were told not to speak up, not to show off and just to follow.
Because what would the others say about us? No-one wants to be part of the gossiping right…

I grew up with zero self-confidence. I was afraid of speak up and therefore would never show a pic like this to anyone…
Good thing is that confidence can be taught and picked-up on the way.
And I am glad that I found my path to cherish my self-confidence.
Having the will of learning and developing everyday means that every day I move a step or two further. And that is a good enough reason for me.
What about you and your self-confidence? Are you confident to share with us silly pic of youself?
Have fun & stay yourself!


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