Power Hour

Feeling down, a bit lost or overwhelmed at work right now?

let's start to fix that!

  • Maybe you’re tired of not getting noticed? Seeing others get promoted; get the interesting projects & being invited to important meetings, while you’re left out?
  • Maybe you’re under SO much pressure? There’s never enough time & it’s making you not want to go to work?
  • Maybe you’ve just lost your motivation? You used to love your job…and you just want to get some enjoyment back?
  • Maybe it’s your team getting you down? You don’t feel in control & things aren’t being done the way you want?
  • Or maybe, you’re wondering if you’re in the right job? Questioning if this is the right career at all?

In 60-minutes together, we’ll work through the BIGGEST challenges you’re facing right now.

It’s a chance for you to be completely honest, completely confidentially & without judgement.

You’ll come away with some immediate fixes – and feeling much clearer about the bigger picture for your career, and the things to focus on longer-term.

Here is how it works:

  1. Click the button below to book & choose the best time for your session
  2. We’ll meet on Zoom for a full 60-minutes, to start fixing your biggest challenges
  3. AND you’ll get the full recording by email afterwards (so no worries about taking notes – you can just concentrate on you!).

A power hour is for you if:

  • You’re in a Retail professional leadership role
  • But you’re just not happy at work
  • You’re ready to start changing things – but you’re not sure how
  • You want to be able to talk honestly, to someone who understands & won’t judge you
  • To help you get unstuck & start to move forwards again!

Am i the right person to help?

Well…after 20 years’ experience in Retail in multinational corporates (like Nike, Levi’s & Adidas) – I KNOW the reality of working in a role like yours. The pressure, stress & all the challenges you’re facing.

I was the typical over-achieving high-flier, for so many years.

And I know what it’s like to fall out of love with your work; to question everything & wonder if it’s really worth all the stress!

The worst part – as a leader – was having no-one to talk to, openly & honestly, about how I was feeling.

I’m really good at connecting the dots for you. Helping you see what’s really going on. When you understand that, you get your ‘aha’ moment – and then it’s full on! There’s no stopping you.

The bottom line is that we all spend way too much time at work, to not be happy there.

So if you’re NOT happy in your Retail career right now…I’d love to help fix that for you!