January 2021

SWAT: Sell what’s available today. We used to say when working with factory outlets. SWAT: See what’s available there. I say in personal development. Look at the mirror and see what’s available there. We always look outside. Search for more knowledge. Compare with others. Sailing on FOMO. While the real gems are inside. They are […]

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Your medal is inside. We all have it. We just forget it sometimes. And then we seek it at others. We seek the appreciation, the “well dones”, the “you’ve done a great job”.   While we have the medal already.  It ONLY is hidden. Under the pile of all other things. It just need dusting.

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Hanging umbrellas outside decoration

Do you like to play? Check out this fun & playful Time line exercise. It is about traveling back in time. It is about connecting to your feelings, joy and satisfaction. Or not actually. It is about connecting the dots on 2 simple axes. . And there you have it. In front of you. In front

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